All About Indoor Climbing Walls

Let’s talk a bit about the angle of the wall. Climbing, like many sports, is full of its jargon. What’s slab? What does it mean to top-rope?  (For a comprehensive, Read More


How to Climb Efficiently

Have you ever wondered how to climb efficiently? In my 30 years as a rock climber, I have heard the following, common lament from many of my fellow climbers: “I Read More

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Top 3 Ways to Meet New People

As anyone who is out of school knows, making friends as a young adult is hard. It is a process that requires the following conditions to all magically happen at once: Read More

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5 Fun Ways to Get in Shape in Philadelphia

So you’re tired of your old gym. Same routine, same equipment. Luckily, trying something new and getting into shape has never been more fun in the Philly area. We have Read More

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Activities to Help Your Kids Unplug

In the modern age, it seems like everywhere you turn there’s another screen. From smartphones to tablets, laptops to TVs, our kids are constantly bombarded with digital distractions. How do Read More

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4 Steps to Improve Your Kid’s Dependency on Technology

How are my 4 steps to improve your kid’s dependency on technology relevant? In the digital age, many of us face that regular and dreaded problem. How do we get Read More

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Amazing Gift Ideas Under $50 for the Rock Climber in Your Life

Wondering what amazing gifts to get to your rock climber in your life? Whether you know more than you ever wanted to about where they climb and what they love Read More

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4 Essential Survival Skills Children Learn Through Rock Climbing

How do the 4 essential survival skills children learn through rock climbing benefit kids? As a parent and the Director of Youth Programs at Philadelphia Rock Gyms, I can relate Read More