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Are climbs longer than 2 moves annoying?

Do you enjoy a relaxed yet competitive experience?

Can you leap tall buildings in a single bound?


If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then…

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Dyno Comp Series

Get launched into space with us over the Saturdays in July for this fantastic event of far throws! At each event you will be challenged with completing as many Dynos as possible within TWO HOURS across three disciplines: Distance, Doubles, and Freestyle. Grab a friend and and shoot for the moon! Its laid back as heck and super fun to watch. Spectators welcome.

You’ve never dynoed before? No problem! This series is built to be fun for everyone – newcomers and seasoned astronauts.

Questions? E-mail for answers

Dyno FAQ

  • What is a Dyno


    n. A dynamic climbing move or jump to reach a hold that cannot otherwise be reached.

  • How does it work?

    You have 2 hours to do as many dynos as humanly possible. Once you get your score card, you’ll hand it to the judge. When its your turn, the judge will call your name and keep track of your progress. Whoever gets the most dynos, wins! Falls are tracked in case there is a tie.

  • What is the format?

    You’ll have your choice of three styles of Dynos

    Each Dyno is set incrementally higher – how high can you jump?

    This set is meant to be controlled by both hands whether it be one hold or two

    A fun mix of tricks on varying hold types

  • Who can attend?

    Anyone! Both Kids and Adults – Newcomers and Seasoned Dynoers

  • Whats the deal with the series pass?

    Good question!
    If you plan to compete in every event, do yourself a favor and save $15 by signing up for the Series Pass. It also saves you time – Once you’ve registered for one competition, you’re registered for all of them.

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