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Fall-iday Membership Sale!

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Fall Membership Sale FAQ

  • What Are Membership Rates?

    Select your closest friendly neighborhood PRG to see membership options and rates:

    Oaks |  East Falls  |  Wyncote  |  Fishtown |  Malvern

  • I've never climbed before. Can I purchase this membership?

    Yes! But you will need to take our Intro to Climbing classes before you can enjoy all of the sweet perks of membership. We’ll show you the ropes! (Get it?)

    To schedule your class, select a location and click the Learn to Climb icon.




  • Not That I Would EVER Cancel My Membership, But What Is The Cancellation Policy?

    All month-to-month contracts can be canceled at any time with 30-days advanced written notice for cancellation.

    Annual contracts require a 12 month initial term. After this term is completed, the contract rolls into a month-to-month contract at the same rate.

    To cancel, please send an email to your home gym. Email addresses can be found on our Contact page.

PRG Oaks

Philadelphia Rock Gyms - Oaks, E-520 E, Oaks, PA, USA

Phone: 877.822.7673 ext. 2

PRG East Falls

Philadelphia Rock Gyms - East Falls, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Phone: 877.822.7673 ext. 3

PRG Wyncote

827 Glenside Ave, Wyncote, PA 19095, USA

Phone: 877.822.7673 ext. 4

PRG Fishtown

2412 E York St, Philadelphia, PA 19125, USA

Phone: 877.822.7673 ext. 5