Fight Colorectal Cancer!


How to Participate:

Whether you’re a first-time climber or experienced at scaling walls, join us to Climb for a Cure! From August 6th-12th, 10% of all proceeds from Intro Classes and First Time Climber Packages will go to Cure CRC.

Set up your own fundraiser through FightCRC!

First Time Climber Package:

Start climbing in 10 minutes! Learn how to use our autobelays, so you can start climbing fast.

Must be 16 or older, or be with an adult. This package includes:

  • Autobelay orientation and certification with our staff
  • Day Pass for autobelay use
  • All rental equipment

No reservations are required!

Visit our Oaks location to purchase this pass and get started. First come, first served.


Introductory Class:

This entry-level package covers all of the basic safety skills needed to start climbing on your own. Must be 16 or older.

  • Intro to Top Rope class for operating the safety ropes, knot tying, and basic climbing movement
  • Intro to Bouldering class for mat placement and bouldering safety
  • All rental equipment
  • Two FREE refreshers for return visits
  • A FREE Two Week Membership to come back and climb!

And note: You don’t have to take both lessons on your first day! We are happy to help you decide which lesson you want to take first.


  • Do I have to purchase this online?

    Whether you purchase online, over the phone, or in person when you arrive at the gym, we will still donate 10% of your purchase to Fight CRC!

  • Do I need a waiver?

    Yep! You can fill this out beforehand on our website (see link at the top of the page) or when you arrive at the gym.

  • Do I need a reservation?

    You’ll need a reservation for an Intro Class.

    No reservations required for the First Time Climber Package!

  • I've never climbed before. Can I participate?

    Yes! Both the Intro Class and the First Time Climber package are great for beginners.

  • I would like to bring kids who are under 16 years old...

    Great! Give the gym a call directly for available times and package pricing. Whether you purchase online, over the phone, or in person, we will still donate 10% of your purchase to Fight CRC!