Limited time offer:

Climb for less than a dollar a day

Refer ONE new member for an annual membership in the month of November, and you both are eligible to sign up for a NEW Annual Referral Membership: Just $29/month!


Here’s how it works:

For current members (and their guests):

  • Bring a friend who qualifies as a new member to any existing PRG location in November.
  • Give them the hook up: You have the power to offer them a new Annual Referral Membership; $29/month for one year.
  • When your friend signs up for any annual contract, you will also have the option to upgrade to the Annual Referral Membership for just $29/month!


For new customers:
Don’t know any PRG members (yet)? You can still cash in on this offer!

  • Grab a friend who qualifies as a new member and head to any existing PRG location in November.
  • If you both sign up for annual contracts together, you will both qualify for the Annual Referral Membership at $29/month for one year.


Questions? Give us a call or check our FAQ section!

Hurry! Offer ends November 30th!

November Member Referral Sale FAQ

  • Who qualifies as a new member?

    A ‘new member’ is anyone who does not have a PRG membership as of November 1, 2020.

    Customers with suspended accounts or accounts that are in default do not qualify as new members.

    If a customer owes back dues on their account, they can make a payment to make their account current. Once their account is current, they will qualify as a new member.

  • What are the restrictions?

    No Commitment Membership contracts are not eligible for this offer. All PRG Malvern Contracts are not eligible for this offer. Offer is valid for annual contracts at existing locations only. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

    New members must sign up for an annual contract in order for the referring member to be eligible for the new Referral Membership.

  • Can members refer multiple new members?

    Yes. With the first referral, they are eligible to sign up for a $29 Referral Membership contract if they so choose.

    For every additional referral, normal referral benefits are in effect: $15 gift card + points are awarded for each sign up.

    – $29 Referral Memberships are worth 15 points
    – Annual Memberships are worth 25 points
    – No Commitment Memberships are worth 10 points

    100 referral points = one FREE year of membership!

  • Does the member need to be present in order to refer a new member?


    New members will not be given the $29 Referral Membership as an option to sign up without a referring member present.

    Similarly, the referring member will not receive credit for the referral if they are not present.

  • Is Multi-Gym access included?

    No. $29/month grants you access to one PRG location of your choosing.

    You can add multi-gym access for just $5/month!

  • What if my membership is currently suspended and/or I cannot come into the gym? Am I still eligible to refer new members?

    Yes, you can still refer a new member to become eligible for the $29 Referral Membership.

    You must call the gym in advance of your friend signing up with their information so that 1. They are given the option to purchase a $29 Referral Membership and 2. you receive the credit of the referral.

    You will be asked to verify your identity over the phone with basic account information, such as birthdate or mailing address.

  • I'm a current member. Does my friend have to sign up for a $29 Referral Membership in order for me to be eligible to do the same?

    No! Referring any new member to ANY annual contract gives you access to the $29 Referral Membership.

  • I'm a current member. If I refer a friend for a $29 Referral Membership, am I required to sign up for a new $29 Referral annual contract as well?

    Absolutely not! You are more than welcome to refer your friends for the $29 Referral Membership without making any changes to your own membership.

  • I have a family membership. Does everyone's rate on my membership drop if I refer a new member?

    No. With the first referral, the primary account holder will be eligible to sign up for the new $29 Referral Membership. For each additional referral, each additional family member becomes eligible for the $29 Referral Membership.

    Each individual can opt into the new $29 Referral Membership, or they can choose to keep their current membership. Effectively, you will all have individual accounts once the primary account holder upgrades to a $29 Referral Membership. In this event, Additional Family Members will continue the original contract terms and conditions, even if the primary member is no longer on the account.

  • What are the Terms and Conditions of the Annual Referral Membership?

    Customers who sign up for this contract agree to a 12-month commitment at $29/month.

    Once the initial 12-month term of this contract has been fulfilled, it will automatically roll into a No Commitment contract at $55/month (our normal Annual Membership rate as of November 1, 2020) OR customers will be given the option of renewing their contract for another 12-month term at the same $29 rate.

    The one-time $35 initiation fee is being waived for this sale. A $19 maintenance fee applies and will be charged 6 months after sign up.

    This contract may be canceled once the 12-month commitment has been fulfilled (unless otherwise stated in the contract). All cancellations require 30-days written notice.

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