After School, Weekend and Home School Classes for kids ages 4-15!

Whether you’re brand new to climbing, have had some experience or are a veteran looking to continue your progression, PRG’s Youth Programs led by expert coaches are a great option for an extra-curricular activity this school year!  PRG’s Youth Programs teach climbing safety, climbing technique and critical thinking skills to increase success on and off the walls as well as grow confidence.  Foster a love for a sport you can enjoy for a lifetime!

Click on your home PRG location below to sign up or to learn more about our recreational instructional programs such as Kinder Climb, Kids Climb, Home School Classes, Advanced Kids Climb (AKC), Club Team or Advanced Club Team (ACT).

Session 3 classes start Sunday, January 31, 2020. For more info, click the button below for your local PRG.






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What to climb earlier in the day?  Click here for more info on our Home School Classes!

Want to learn more about our youth competitive league?  Click here for more info on Team PRG.

PRG Oaks

Philadelphia Rock Gyms - Oaks, E-520 E, Oaks, PA, USA

Phone: 877.822.7673 ext. 2

PRG East Falls

Philadelphia Rock Gyms - East Falls, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Phone: 877.822.7673 ext. 3

PRG Wyncote

827 Glenside Ave, Wyncote, PA 19095, USA

Phone: 877.822.7673 ext. 4

PRG Fishtown

2412 E York St, Philadelphia, PA 19125, USA

Phone: 877.822.7673 ext. 5