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Top 5 Recovery Tips after Your First Climbing Session

Congratulations, intrepid climber! You’ve just conquered your first climbing session and are probably feeling a mix of triumph and soreness. Climbing is a fantastic full-body workout that challenges both your Read More

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Beginner, Youth

5 Climbing Games for Kids

Whether you are a parent signing your child up for a camp, a counselor preparing to wrangle in and entertain the little rascals, or a parent looking for fun out-of-the-house Read More

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Climbing Techniques: What is Flagging?

No, it doesn’t have anything to do with an actual flag. Flagging is a rock climbing technique that is essentially counterbalancing. Instead of focusing on pure arm strength to reach the top Read More

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How to Deal with the Fear of Slipping in Climbing

At the core, the fear of slipping off of a hold is essentially a fear of falling. It’s specifically the fear of feeling vertigo.   It is useful to examine Read More

gauging weather for climbing trip
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Gauging Weather for Climbing Trip

Planning a climbing trip and trying to figure out how to gauge the weather? There are a few essential steps to take when going outside; whether it’s months in advance Read More

How to get the most out of your climbing gym session
Beginner, Intermediate

How to Get the Most out of Your Rock Climbing Gym Session

While rock climbing is a powerful stress reliever, it can also be a source of stress when you want to get the most out of your rock climbing gym session. Read More

Climbing Resources Every Woman Should Know
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3 Climbing Resources Every Woman Should Know

This article is written by women in climbing for women that are new to climbing. Before diving into women-specific climbing resources, let’s identify why these are important. You may have Read More

4 Awesome Footwork Drills
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Four Awesome Climbing Footwork Drills

It is easy to spot someone with good climbing footwork. If you don’t know what that means, think about the climbers in the gym that you have watched effortlessly float Read More


Best Snacks for Climbing

Why do we need snacks as climbers? As a serious or semi-serious climber, you spend a lot of time on the wall. That’s a lot of extra energy expenditure on Read More