Youth Climbing Classes

Our ongoing classes offer structured learning, skill development, diverse challenges, and a supportive community, fostering a lifelong passion for the sport.

Classes We Offer

After School Enrollment

After School Kinder Climb

Ages 4-6

Kids become more confident on the wall while learning very basic, but essential, climbing skills! These include knot tying, footwork, balance, and movement. Now billing monthly for your convenience. No prior experience is necessary!


After School Level 1

Ages 6-12

Formerly “Kids Climb”, this entry-level class teaches kids the basics of climbing and also, climbing safety. Climbers will focus on intro-level footwork, balance, and problem-solving. Now billing monthly for your convenience. No prior experience necessary!

After School Level 2

Ages 7-12*

Formerly “Advanced Kids Climb”, this level is a faster-paced environment where climbers work through intermediate skill levels and start setting more concrete goals. Now billing monthly for your convenience.

*Prerequisites and approval are necessary for enrollment.

After School Level 3

Ages 8-13*

Formerly “Club Team”, this level focuses on some advanced climbing and climbing safety skills, energy efficiency, climbing strategy, and a bit more self-sufficiency. Now billing monthly for your convenience.

*Prerequisites and approval are necessary for enrollment.

After School Level 4

Ages 9-15*

Formerly “Advanced Club Team”, this is the final level before our Competitive Team Level! Climbers here will work with advanced coaches to continue their climbing journey, ideally, in prep to move up to TEAM PRG! Now billing monthly for your convenience.

*Prerequisites and approval are necessary for enrollment.

Summer Enrollment

Summer Kinder Climb

Ages 4-6

Each week, kids will learn basic climbing skills like knot tying, footwork, body positioning, movement, and goal setting during the 1 hour session. No prior climbing experience is necessary!

Summer Level 1 & 2

Ages 6 & up

Summer is the perfect time for kids to try new adventures! We combine our Level 1 & 2 classes and kids will learn climbing basics and climbing safety with our skilled PRG coach. No prior climbing experience is necessary!

Lifetime Youth Programs Pass

Summer Level 3 & 4

Ages 8 & up*

Kids stay sharp and strong this summer as they receive advanced technique training on energy efficiency and climbing strategy. They will excel in advanced climbing skills, whether their goal is to stay active or aim for Team PRG.

*Adequate experience and prerequisites are necessary for enrollment.

Classes FAQs

To sign up for a class, click the enrollment link to the desired class. Double check your start date as well which PRG location is selected.

**Please make sure that you have met the pre-requisites and have received approval before registering for Levels 2-4**

If it is your child’s first time climbing in a PRG after school program, you can request a free trial class by emailing!

No! We have after school programs for kids of all experience levels–from first time climbers to veteran competitors. Give us a call or send an e-mail at to find out which program is best for your child.

*Levels 2-4 do have pre-requisites

Classes for the 2023/2024 Youth Program season start of the final week of September, 2023 and runs until the end of May 2024.

Yes! Our Summer Classes start in June, after the Youth Pass expires.

No. Equipment rentals are included in the cost.

We recommend non-restrictive, athletic clothing.

No. The cost of the class includes instructional time and equipment rental. However, members receive extra discounts!

All participants must have a completed waiver form, signed by a parent or guardian if the participant is under 18. All participants are guests of the PRG and are required to obey all PRG rules.

30 days notice is required for cancellation.


If you wish to switch to a different class day or time, every effort will be made to accommodate at no additional cost. Please note: since each class has a limited number of available spots, we cannot guarantee availability for a different day or time. To switch class days or times, please call our staff at 877.822.7673.

The Youth Pass is a monthly payment (25th of the month) that gives you access to the same weekly Youth Class. It runs until the end of May with the last payment being April 25, 2024


Every Youth Pass purchase requires a 2 month commitment to the classes. After that time, cancelations are on a month to month basis with a 30 day notice. Ask about “Freezing” the pass instead!

Prefer to just drop-in?

No need to worry if a weekly schedule doesn’t work for you!
We provide flexible climbing options for kids at all skill levels!

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