A man lead climbing
Intermediate, Technique

Am I Ready To Learn How To Lead Climb?

For many, lead climbing is what draws us into the sport of rock climbing. Do you ever ask yourself why you climb? What is it about this sport that draws Read More

Understanding Different Types of Holds
Intermediate, Technique

Understanding Different Types of Climbing Holds

Climbing lingo is like speaking another language. A lot of it needs to make more sense to the common ear. Learning the different types of climbing holds is the first Read More

Intermediate, Technique

How to Save Even More Energy When Climbing

Don’t Over-Grip Your Holds. As you become a better climber, holds get harder. What do you do? Don’t over-grip. On technical climbs, holds get smaller and more sloped. Keeping your Read More

4 Awesome Footwork Drills
Beginner, Technique

Four Awesome Climbing Footwork Drills

It is easy to spot someone with good climbing footwork. If you don’t know what that means, think about the climbers in the gym that you have watched effortlessly float Read More