We have limited occupancy at all locations. For your convenience, real-time occupancy counters for each location are below. Please check your location occupancy prior to arrival. You will not be permitted to enter if the location is at 100% occupancy.






Questions? Give us a call!


Check the occupancy
You will not be permitted to enter any PRG location that has reached 100% occupancy. Please check the real-time occupancy counters here prior to your arrival.

Bring your mask
You will be required to wear a mask at all times, unless you have a medical condition that prevents the wearing of a mask (including difficulty breathing), or if wearing a mask poses a safety risk.

COVID-19 Waiver
On your first visit returning to the gyms, you will be asked to sign a Covid-specific waiver. You may download here to print and sign beforehand.



Welcome back! You will never know how happy we are to have you.

We will let you know on your first visit back if we need to update your account in any way.


Not ready to come back yet? We get it. All suspensions requirements and fees have been removed so that you can make the choice that is right for you, hassle free. Please email us at membership@philarockgym.com if you would like to submit a suspension or cancellation request. Cancellations will be processed upon re-opening in the order they are received. Thank you in advance for your patience!


We’re here to help (and we need yours, too).

We recognize that reopening during COVID-19 comes with a unique set of restrictions, and naturally, you may have questions or concerns. We are all in this together, so adhering to guidelines set forth and respecting others is central to the gyms being a welcoming environment.

Much like the risks associated with climbing, it is not possible for us to remove the inherent risk of COVID. All we can do, as a community, is minimize it to the best of our ability. To do so, we are implementing policies as outlined by the experts, and are respectfully asking for your considerate cooperation. PRG will continuously and tirelessly monitor new information, guidance, and workshop new ideas to implement to help us all achieve that goal.

Our number one priority for over 25 years has always been to navigate the risks that affect our community, to educate and empower every person who walks through our doors to protect themselves to the very best of their ability. That applies now more than ever. We are encouraging you to make the right choice for you, and will do whatever we can to make that possible. If there is a way we can serve you better, email us at membership@philarockgym.com to let us know how we can help.

We will take measures to ensure social distancing during check in and throughout the gyms, where feasible. Walkways, benches, and front desks are all clearly marked, and we are asking participants to leave, at minimum, one unused rope between other climbers in roped areas.

We will gently remind all customers to be diligent about washing/sanitizing their hands consistently before, during, and after climbing.

We will increase and intensify our cleaning schedules in accordance with the PA Department of Health Guidelines.

We will be diligent about asking everyone to wear their mask when they enter the building, during check in, and when resting between exercise. We will be diligent about wearing our own masks.


PRG Oaks

Philadelphia Rock Gyms - Oaks, E-520 E, Oaks, PA, USA

Phone: 877.822.7673 ext. 2

PRG Coatesville

Philadelphia Rock Gyms - Coatesville, Mount Airy Road, Coatesville, PA, USA

Phone: 877.822.7673 ext. 1

PRG East Falls

Philadelphia Rock Gyms - East Falls, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Phone: 877.822.7673 ext. 3

PRG Wyncote

827 Glenside Ave, Wyncote, PA 19095, USA

Phone: 877.822.7673 ext. 4

PRG Fishtown

2412 E York St, Philadelphia, PA 19125, USA

Phone: 877.822.7673 ext. 5