Hold a fundraiser.

Raise funds for your school, organization, club, church, sports team, etc. Sell tickets online using a link we will provide, then come in with your friends and family to climb!


Here’s how it works:

1. You choose a two-hour block on the date of your choice to hold your fundraiser. At least two weeks’ notice is required. We suggest giving it at least a month so you can advertise to your community.

2. We’ll create a link where people can register that you can email to your community. We can even create a QR code for you to put on flyers or in emails.

3. People will register and pay online.

4. Your friends and family come in for your event!

5. We cut your organization a check for a portion of each registration ticket.

  • How do I book my fundraiser?

    If you’re not already in contact with someone about your fundraiser, fill out this form to get the ball rolling!

    • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
  • How many people can attend?

    As many as you want! If you think you’ll have more than 50 people register, booking more than one timeslot for people to choose from would be best. Usually, this will be two back-to-back slots on the same day, but you can book your timeslots for different days if you think that will get more registrants!

    Folks can show up anytime within the two-hour timeslot they choose or stay for two hours!

  • Would this be a private event?

    The gym will remain open to the public and our members, but you will have staff dedicated only to your attendees.

  • Age restrictions?


  • What is the price per ticket?

    You set this based on how generous you think your community might be! We keep $10 of each ticket sold, and you get the rest. We recommend $20 based on our pricing, but we’ve had groups set this at $15-$30.

    We’ve even had groups decide to sell a non-climber ticket for folks who want to hang out and support you but not climb. You get 100% of those tickets if you choose to offer them.

  • What days are available, and how long is the event?

    Anytime you want, as long as it’s open in our calendar! Generally, this is a 2-hour event. We need at least two weeks’ notice to book, but we recommend booking at least a month in advance so you have time to advertise the event to your community.

  • What if some people don't want to climb?

    Anyone attending and not climbing does not need to pay. However, we’ve had groups decide to sell a non-climber ticket for folks who want to hang out and support you but not climb. You get 100% of those tickets if you choose to offer them!

  • How does my organization get paid?

    Folks of any age will register online and pay the ticket price. Then we write your organization a check based on registrants and ticket prices after your event.

  • Does everyone need a waiver?

    Yes, anyone planning on staying in the facility for the event, climbing or not, must sign a waiver. This can be done online beforehand to save time, or it can be done when they arrive at the gym.

  • How long before the event do you close registration?

    We generally close registration one week before the event, but depending on your needs, that is flexible.

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