Team PRG is the highest level of Youth Climbing Instruction that PRG has to offer. Since 1998, we have trained the best climbers in the area to become some of the best climbers in the country. One of the longest-standing & largest team programs in the region, our focus is on developing skilled climbers who are safe, passionate, and can reach their full potential. Current and prior participants in the program include more than two dozen US Climbing Team members, Nine National Youth Champions, and three International Youth Champions. Our teams compete throughout the year in youth events around the area. In addition, Team PRG offers several trips throughout the year to world-class climbing areas such as the Shawanagunks, Red River Gorge, New River Gorge, and elsewhere. Here, our team members hone their mental and physical skills on some of the best climbing the US offers.


Sept – June + outdoor events over the summer


$1,300 for the season ($130 per month) + any gym membership, Sept – June


Members of Team PRG are expected to compete in events throughout the season, as well as attend a minimum of 2 nights of practice a week


Must have approval from a Head Coach, or Program Director Tom Meehan

Questions about the program? Email Tom at


  • Dave Rowland - Program Founder and Director

    Dave Rowland climbing a rock faceOur Program Director and the founder of Team PRG, David has more than 30 years of experience developing athletes of all levels and all ages, in multiple sports. He began his coaching career as a swim coach, working for high-level teams in the Philadelphia and New York area. But when the opportunity arose to start the first climbing team in the region, he leaped at the chance to combine two of his passions—rock climbing and coaching young athletes. Over the past 20 years, David has developed Team PRG into one of the largest and most successful climbing teams in the East, winning multiple Regional and Divisional titles, and placing in the Top 3 at Bouldering Nationals.

    During his career, Dave has personally trained eight Youth National Champions (at least one in every discipline, including several two and three-time champions), three International Champions, a World Champion and silver medalist, two Collegiate National Champions, two Adult National Champions, and more than a dozen US Team Members–not to mention many additional champions of Regional, Divisional and local events across the country. At the same time, he has worked to inspire his climbers toward the same lifelong passion for climbing that has kept him in the sport for over 30 years. To that effect, Dave started one of the first high-level outdoor programs for youth climbers in the East, and for 18 years has brought the Team to areas like the Red River and New River Gorge, Chattanooga, the Adirondacks, the Gunks, the White Mountains, and Bishop, CA where they hone and enhance their skills on some of the best outdoor climbing in the country.

    In 2000, Dave founded the first youth age-group competitive bouldering league—the Junior Indoor Bouldering Series, or JIBS—which quintupled in size over five years before he was invited to join the Board of Directors of USA Climbing to help bring about the first-ever US National Youth Bouldering series, culminating in the first Youth Bouldering National Championships in 2004, held at the original PRG. In his spare time, Dave has served on the Rules Committee for USA Climbing, as a certified route-setter and coach, founder of the Burn Bouldering Series. He is the author of an upcoming book on climbing technique—oh, and he is also the owner and President of the Philadelphia Rock Gyms!

    Dave still finds time to climb, too! A veteran boulderer, sport, and traditional climber, he has spent three decades climbing all over the US and abroad, racking up thousands of sends both indoors and out, from strangely terrifying 5.4 off-widths in Wyoming to monstrously overhanging 5.13 sport routes in the Red River Gorge. As a boulderer Dave spent over a decade developing “local” areas, quietly racking up nearly 400 first ascents—several of which, though he won’t grade them himself, have been called V10 or harder. Though he still loves all aspects of the sport, his current focus is hard traditional climbing, and after years of ticking off 5.12 trad routes, he is currently training for 5.13 gear.

    Dave is also a proud father of one of the next generation of climbers.

  • Tom Meehan - Program Director and Head Coach

    Climbing changed my life. It became my passion. In my opinion, it is one of the most unique activities on the planet, physically and mentally. Whether you are pushing the limit or just getting started everyone has the same goal and learns the same lesson. That lesson is FAILURE. It is perhaps the biggest part of climbing. It is what we learn from that failure that defines us. It is the same thing in life.

  • Chris Palmer - Head Coach - Malvern

    Chris Palmer

    There’s a lot to love about climbing. Getting a First Ascent is by far one of the best feelings I’ve ever experienced as a climber, but being out in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Maybe get a little scared on routes or psyched on some boulders and have a good laugh with friends. That’s what’s kept me climbing and will keep me climbing for decades more.

  • Brendan Dugan - Head Coach - East Falls

    Brendan Dugan

    I like the self-challenge of pushing the limits of movement and strength. But what I love about climbing, is either going out to the crag or gym with some friends. A climbing community is supportive, and it is part of what I hope I bring to my coaching in and out of practice.


  • Alex Raybold - Head Coach - Oaks

    Alex Raybold

    The biggest part of climbing for me is not just the fun I get from taking a big ol’ whipper down at the New, or the excitement I get from sending a new high grade for myself. It is the people that climbing can connect you to. It’s communing with not just those you know, but those who you don’t. All the while, you end up immersing yourself in nature and putting yourself up to a very difficult task. Climbing has taught me many things but a few important things are; maturity, patience, dedication, and passion. To me, that is what sets climbing apart from most other hobbies.

  • Kevin Celommi - Head Coach - Wyncote

    Kevin Celommi


  • How do I get approval to be on team?

    Must have approval from a Team Head Coach. It is strongly suggested that anyone looking to be on Team PRG has been through our Youth Program. Contact the Head Coach of your gym directly or, Program Director, Tom at

  • What is the age requirement?

    We have kids aging from 10-18 on our Team. It depends more on motivation, maturity, and skill rather than age specifically.

  • How many nights a week are practices?

    We have 3 formal practices a week at each facility. We require kids to attend at least 2. Most kids will climb around 4 nights per week.

  • Can we practice at other PRG facilities?

    Of course! It is encouraged!

  • Does your Team compete in USA Climbing events?

    Yes. We do NOT require kids to compete in these events, but we prepare our team for the mental as well as physical aspects of these event including in-depth strategy for these events. We also run clinics throughout the season specifically for those interested in competing in USAC

  • Is private training an option?

    Yes. We have a number of expert-level coaches who can create personalized programs for athletes to follow and reach their peak performance!