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Badge Days Are Back!

Badge Days provide the same instruction as the Troop Merit Badge, but are designed for single scouts or groups of fewer than five scouts. Led by BSA certified counselors, we cover all aspects of the climbing Merit Badge in one day. Bring a lunch and let us do the rest!

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Badge Day FAQ

  • Do I have to wear a mask?

    You will be required to wear a mask at all times, unless you are fully vaccinated, have a medical condition that prevents the wearing of a mask (including difficulty breathing), or if wearing a mask poses a safety risk, per state guidelines.

    For more info on our general COVID guidelines, visit our COVID information center by clicking here.

  • Are there any other requirements for attending a Badge Day?

    All participants must have a completed PRG waiver form, signed by a parent or legal guardian if the participant is under 18.  Click here to sign PRG’s online waiver.

    All participants are guests of the PRG and are required to obey all PRG rules.

  • Does PRG provide climbing gear?

    Yes! All necessary gear is provided for the class.

    If you have your own gear, feel free to bring it.

PRG Oaks

Philadelphia Rock Gyms - Oaks, E-520 E, Oaks, PA, USA

Phone: 877.822.7673 ext. 2

PRG East Falls

Philadelphia Rock Gyms - East Falls, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Phone: 877.822.7673 ext. 3

PRG Wyncote

827 Glenside Ave, Wyncote, PA 19095, USA

Phone: 877.822.7673 ext. 4

PRG Fishtown

2412 E York St, Philadelphia, PA 19125, USA

Phone: 877.822.7673 ext. 5