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There are many reasons PRG is great, but the most important – by far – is you. Join a community that has only grown and improved for over 25 years.

No Commitment. Just more climbing for less.

No commitment Membership


Don't want to commit? We get it. Life changes fast. Unlimited climbing without the commitment.
All contracts require a one-time $45 initiation fee. All cancellations require 30-days written notice.
  • No commitment. Cancel anytime. (Just give us a 30-day heads up.)
  • Unlimited use of ALL PRG locations.
  • Billing suspension – Freeze your membership for up to two consecutive months for a small fee.
  • Hassle-free monthly membership payments via credit card.
  • Exclusive member-only discounts.
  • Special discounts for guests and referral benefits.
  • Add a family member for $49.95/month.*
*Eligible family members include adult couples with proof of shared residence and/or their children/legal dependents. Student discounts available for members under the age of 18 with a legal guardian’s signature, or eligible students currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program. Must provide current class schedule or letter of registration via email to to receive the student rate.
10 punch pass


You can only make it once a month or less, but you still need your climbing fix.
Valid for 1 year from the date purchased.
  • 10 awesome visits to any of your friendly neighborhood PRGs
  • Sweet, sweet savings: Save over 10% on each visit.