Announcing our newest program to the PRG Youth Program menu: KIDS BOULDERING CLUB!  Whether you prefer to boulder or have never tried it before but are curious, you’ll want to check this out.  Each week, PRG Coaches will teach bouldering safety skills and emphasize safety skill mastery.  All lessons will be bouldering-focused and climbers will have ample time to tackle individual goals under the guidance of our coaches.

KBC is drop-in friendly so you can try a day or buy a package of classes and attend when it works for your schedule!

No prior experience is necessary.


1 day: $30
4 days: $110  Save $10!
8 days: $200  Save $40!
15 days: $350  Save $100!


1 Day KBC Registration ALL LOCATIONS

Multi-Day KBC Registration ALL LOCATIONS

Scroll down to read our FAQ for help with online registration.


  • How Do I Reserve A Spot?

    Registration can be done online or by phone at 877-822-ROPE.  For online registration instructions, see below.

    using our online registration system:
    1.  Click the “MULTI-DAY REGISTRATION” button above.

    2.  Choose the Package you would like to purchase.  When you buy a Package, you are purchasing Multiple Days that you will then be able to schedule for any open spots we have on our calendar. (Please note, Packages cannot be shared amongst clients.)

    3.  Enter your information in the required fields.  Enter your child’s name and age in the notes section.

    4.  Read the Terms and Conditions and check the box to accept.

    5.  Click the “Pay Now and Complete Order” button.

    6.  Under the words “Thank you” is a link that reads “Schedule.”   Click this button to choose the days for which you would like to register your child.

    7.  You will be able to schedule one day at a time.  Be sure to choose the PRG location you are scheduling for carefully.

    8.  Enter the child’s information then click “Complete Appointment.”

    using our online registration system:

    1.  Click the “SINGLE DAY REGISTRATION” button above.

    2.  Choose the PRG location for which you are purchasing.

    3.  Choose the date for which you are purchasing.  A drop-down box will appear.  Then click the option “Continue>>.”   (If you want to purchase more than one day at the discounted rate, go back and choose the “MULTI-DAY REGISTRATION” button above.)

    3.  Enter your child’s name and contact information in the required fields.  Then click the “Pay Now>>” button.

    4.  Read the Terms and Conditions and check the box to accept.

    5.  Click the “Pay Now & Confirm” button.

    9.  If you need to schedule another day, click the “Schedule Another Appointment” button.

  • How do I reserve a spot for more than one child?

    Follow the above directions when enrolling a second child. Each child must be enrolled individually. Packages cannot be split amongst siblings.

  • Does my child need climbing experience?

    No, PRG’s Kids Bouldering Club requires no prior climbing experience whatsoever!

  • Do We Need To Bring Our Own Climbing Equipment?

    No. Equipment rentals are included in the cost.

  • What Kind Of Clothes Should I Wear?

    We recommend non-restrictive, athletic clothing.

  • Do You Have To Be A PRG Member To Participate?

    No. The cost of the session includes instructional time and equipment rental. However, PRG Members enjoy discounts on all youth programs and camps at PRG!

  • Are There Any Other Requirements For Climbing At PRG?

    All participants must have a completed PRG waiver form, signed by a parent or legal guardian if the participant is under 18.  Click here to sign PRG’s online waiver.

    Parents will also be asked to sign PRG’s new COVID waiver for each attendee.

    As per the governor’s order, all camp staff and Study Hall attendees must wear a mask throughout the day.  Click here for more info on PRG’s COVID-19 Response Plan.

    All participants are guests of the PRG and are required to obey all PRG rules.

  • What's The Next Level?

    Ask us about our After School programs to learn more about climbing through other disciplines in addition to bouldering!

  • What's The Cancellation Policy?

    Kids Bouldering Club dues are fully refundable up to 3 days before the reserved date. Within or after that 3-day period, a credit for the full amount will be offered which does not expire and can be used toward other products or services at PRG.

    To request a credit or refund, please call our staff at 877.822.7673 or email

    For more information on PRG’s Privacy Policy, visit us here.

  • What's The Season Pass Or Annual Pass Cancellation Policy?

    SEASON PASS: Season Pass holders commit to an 8-month term.  However, acceptable reasons for canceling WITHOUT PENALTY before the 8-month term is completed include: the client moving 30 miles away or more from any PRG location, the client having a medical condition or injury that prevents him/her from continuing (a doctor’s note will be required) or the PRG closes for more than 30 days.  For any of these three reasons, at the time of cancellation, all future payments will be dropped and no penalty fee will be charged.

    Canceling a Season Pass contract before the completion of the 8-month term for any reason other than those stated above will involve a penalty fee.  Future payments will be dropped and the client forfeits the 20% discount that the Season Pass ensured. The client will be responsible for the full price of all After School (AS) Program classes he or she was enrolled in on the date of cancellation.  The penalty fee will be owed in full at the time of cancellation.

    ANNUAL PASS: (see above and replace “8-month term” for “12-month term” where applicable) Then add: In addition to the full price of School Programs enrolled in-to date of cancellation, the client will also be responsible for the full price of any Summer Sessions (SS) classes enrolled in-to date of cancellation.