PRG is proud to announce

The Return of the Midnight Burn

Still burning since 1996!

Join us on November 7th, 2020 for the COVID FRIENDLY Midnight Burn!

This event is the first of four events of the 2020 – 2021 Burn Bouldering Series.

We’re modifying our ever popular Burn Series to abide by COVID restrictions while providing our community with events they can look forward to. Keep reading to learn how our Burn Series will look a little different this year! We promise the same great problems, music, and FUN!

Register Now! Choose your time slot

Youth at PRG Wyncote


Adult at PRG Oaks




It’s a little different this year

Modifications to this event:

  • COVID-Friendly rules – See our Burn Series FAQ for competition policies regarding COVID.
  • Socially-Distanced Time Slots – Maximum of 25 competitors per two hour heat. Choose your time slot at registration!
  • Multi-Gym Event – The Midnight Burn will be split between two locations to ensure social distancing: The Youth Event will be held at PRG Wyncote, while the Adult Event will be held at PRG Oaks.

When registering, please double check that you are registering for the right event!

If you have any other questions please see Burn Series FAQ or email us!




In order to keep this event running smoothly, we are looking for a handful of volunteers to help out with judging and scoring. No prior experience necessary!

You’ll Receive

  • 30% off anything currently in the shop
  • 2 day passes / guess passes if you are already a member
  • a darn good time!



Participants get something a little extra!


Midnight Burn / Burn Series FAQ

  • What are the Covid-Friendly Measures in Place for the Series?

    Here are the details of the Covid-related policies we will be using for the 20-21 Burn Series:

    Pre-Comp Symptom Checks

    • Competitors will be required to sign a form verifying that they have had no Covid-related symptoms in the 24 hours prior to attending any Burn Series event. Anyone with a recent history of COVID symptoms will not be allowed in the event.
    • Competitors will have their temperature checked prior to entering the competition. Individuals with temperatures over 100.4 will not be allowed at the event.
    • Anyone who can provide documentation of a NEGATIVE COVID Test that was taken within 3 days of the competition will not be subject to symptom checks
    • Competitors who do not pass the above checks will be eligible for a full refund, or a credit for another Burn event or related PRG Service.

    To speed up registration, we strongly recommend you get a FREE COVID test within 3 days of the competition. Free Covid tests are available at the following locations.

    Masks are Mandatory

    • As is standard PRG Covid policy, masks will be required for all competitors at all times.
    • Competitors who are unable to comply with the usage of face masks will not be allowed at the event, and will be eligible for a refund as per the Burn Series Covid Refund Policy.
    • Extra masks will be provided if you forget yours!

    Separate Gyms for Separate Comps

    • To minimize the number of people in the gym and other social distancing concerns, Youth and Adult categories will compete at separate PRG locations.

    Social Distancing is Required!

    • Only 25 competitors will be allowed in the gym at a time.
    • Climbing Heats will be staggered by 30 minutes to allow the previous heat to exit the competition before the new heat begins.
    • Climbing zones will be spread out to allow for 6ft spacing of climbers.


    • Hand Sanitizer stations will be provided.
    • Liquid Chalk will be available for purchase
  • What are the Changes for this Year's Series vs Last Year?

    The Covid-19 crisis has required all of us to adapt the way we do many things in order to address with the health and economic issues that has come along with it. So, here is a list of the significant changes to the Series for 2020-21:

    • Youth Events and Adult Events are held at different locations.
      • For details please see the previous FAQ question.
    • Each Event will have Four Timeslots
      • To accommodate social distancing recommendations, we are restricting competitors to one of four timeslots throughout the day.
      • Competitors may sign up for the timeslot of their choice subject to a hard cap of 25 climbers per timeslot. No exceptions will be made to this cap.
    • No Open Finals in Burn Qualifiers
      • Covid restrictions prevent us from having an audience for our Open Competitors.
    • There Will Be a Cash Purse Only for the Series Final Event
      • Due to the economic difficulties the crisis and re-opening has caused many businesses, including climbing gyms, it is not possible for us to commit to a Cash Purse for any of our Qualifier events–our sponsors are struggling as much as we are. We deeply appreciate your support and understanding on this matter as we navigate the complexities of re-opening under Covid restrictions. We hope to return to a more normal Series Purse in 2021!
    • Prizes will be limited.
      • As with the point above, the current crisis has made finding prizes nearly impossible for the Series. There will be some, but much of it will be through raffles.
      • There will, however, be Awards for each category!
      • Again, we appreciate your support and understanding on this matter. It is our aim to return to a more typical Purse in 2021.
    • Results will be Announced at the End of the Day
      • Due to the new Timeslotted format, we will not be able to announce Final Results for a Burn Qualifier until approximately 9 pm on Saturday evening.
      • Results will be posted online to the Burn Series pages when complete. Awards will be available for pickup starting the following Sunday at 10 am.
      • Competitors who are unable to get to a PRG to pickup there awards (or prizes) will be able to make arrangements with the PRG for mailing.
      • Protest procedures for scoring will be adjusted to accommodate this new schedule and will be announced at the event.
  • What is the Burn Series Refund Policy?

    Due to the unique nature of the current situation with Covid, we are modifying our Refund Policy to insure the best possible experience for our competitors:

    • Refund Policy for Individual Event Purchases
      • If you purchased a registration for a single event (rather than a Series Pass), you may receive a Full Refund if you request it more than 24 hours prior to the start of the event. Requests must be made by phone or by email (listed below).
      • Cancelling your registration less than 24 hours before the event starts will make you eligible for a credit (either on your account or as a PRG Gift Card) for any PRG Service in the future.
      • Exception: Cancelling your registration prior to the start of an event for reasons related to Covid safety (e.g. you become ill, or suspect you may have had contact with someone who has Covid, or you have such concerns for someone in your household, etc.) will make you eligible for a Full Refund regardless of the 24 hour period described above.
    • Refund Policy for Series Passes
      • Series Passes are Fully Refundable up to 24 hours prior to the first Burn Series event you are registered to attend.
      • If you want to cancel a Series Pass less than 24 hours before the first event you are registered to attend, you will be eligible for a credit (either on your account or as a PRG Gift Card) for any PRG Service in the future.
      • Exceptions: Cancelling your Series Pass prior to the start of the first event you are registered to attend for reasons related to Covid safety (e.g. you become ill, or suspect you may have had contact with someone who has Covid, or you have such concerns for someone in your household, etc.) will make you eligible for a Full Refund regardless of the 24 hour period described above. In addition, after you have attended one or more Burn events, should you wish to cancel your Series Pass for Covid-related reasons, you will be eligible for a pro-rated refund on the remainder of your pass (which will be equal to Full Series Pass Cost minus the standard cost ($39.95) of each event you actually attended.
      • Please note: If you cancel a Series Pass and decide you wish to attend a future 2020-21 Burn Series event anyway, you will be charged the non-discounted rate for any such event you register for. In other words, a Series Pass cannot be reactivated once cancelled.
    • How do I request a refund?
      • Please call 877-822-7673 and select the facility where your event will be held, or email us at
  • What does it cost?

    Midnight Burn costs $39.95

    • Entry to Midnight burn only


    Series Pass costs $135.00

    • 15% off all burn series competitions
    • automatically registered for every competition
    • Free PRG Burn Bouldering Series Swag


    Register in the links above

  • Who can attend?

    All ages and skill levels! Spectators are welcome as well!

  • What is the refund policy?

    Burn Series Passes are non-refundable.

    Single Comp Registrations are eligible for a refund up to one week prior to the event day, with a $5 cancellation fee. Requests made within one week are not eligible for a refund, but may be eligible for a credit.

    Please email for requests or questions.

  • How do I register?

    Competitors may register online using the links above or by phone.

    Give us a call 877-822-7673 to register by phone!

  • What is the Format?

    For questions about Burn Series Format, Rules, Rankings and Category selection, please see our Burn Series page or download our Burn Series Rules and Guidelines.

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