How do I access East Falls with all this road work??

We are open!

There will be ongoing road work that may block the streets leading to PRG East Falls. Please use the directions below to access East Falls from one of the following routes.

Midvale Ave can be used to get between Ridge Ave and Henry Ave.

Green Route: Green goes from Henry Ave to Allegheny, Allegheny to Ridge, and Ridge to Scotts Lane.

Orange Route: This is Henry to Indian Queen to Scotts Lane.

Red Route:  This is Ridge Ave to Scotts Lane.

Yellow Route:  This is the walking route if you take Regional Rail.  Walking and bike riding to the gym should be relatively unaffected by the construction.  If you take buses here, the 3 closest stops are far enough from the construction that while the bus may detour, their stops are still active.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to see you at the gym!


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