PRG “Welcome Back!”

Mystery Box

We would like to add a little mystery and excitement to your quarantine, and also feed your excitement to get back to the gym, by providing a limited edition PRG box of goodies, shipped directly to your doorstep. Support local artists and your friendly neighborhood PRG!


Click here, take a survey about your interests, and authorize payment. Boxes range from $39 to $174 and include free shipping!

Order by June 30th to have your box shipped by the first week in July.
Don’t wait! Only 100 boxes will be shipped!



  • What Is Included In This Offer?

    One box, shipped directly to your doorstep (or to pick up at the gym when we open), filled with swag and art just for you!

  • Who Can I Contact With Questions About My Order?

    Please email with any questions.

  • How Do I Know Exactly What I Will Be Getting When I Order?

    The questions you answer in the survey will give you a general idea about what you will be getting, but we want to surprise you with the specifics! You will, however, know exactly the amount that you will be charged for your order. We hope you love your new stuff!

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