Youth Climbing Series (YCS)

Top Rope, Bouldering, Dynos & Speed Climbing!

Youth Climbing Series (Y.C.S.) is a “choose your own adventure” style of event.  Climbers can opt to just boulder, just top rope, or do both plus many more mini-events!  The more tasks a climber completes, the more he or she will earn in prizes.  Y.C.S. is a great opportunity for climbers to show off the skills they’ve learned in class and meet other youth climbers in the PRG community.  Current or former Kinder Climb, Kids Climb, Home School, AKC, Club Team and ACT climbers welcome!


Whether you’re looking to move towards competitive climbing or are simply looking for a fun day in the gym, to make new climbing friends or to show your friends & family all that you’ve learned, Y.C.S. is an event you don’t want to miss!

Climbers have two formats from which to choose: Bingo & Red Point.  To find out more about each format, check out our FAQ section below!

12:45-1:15 PM: Check-In/ Warm Up

1:15 PM: Brief Kick-Off Meeting

1:30 PM: Climbing Begins

3:30 PM: Climbing Ends (Scoring Period, Entertainment and Refreshments will be available while climbers wait)

4 PM: Awards Ceremony

4:30 PM: Event Ends


Former or current Youth Program participants, call 877-822-7673 or register online today!

For all details on the event, see our FAQ section below.


  • Who Can Attend?

    Any current or former PRG Youth Program participant is welcome to register and participate.

    Specially, this refers to all current and former Kinder Climb, Kids Climb, Home School, AKC, Club Team or ACT climbers between the ages of 4-15 years old.

  • When Is It?

    Saturday, June 5th, 2021

    Philadelphia Rock Gym – Malvern
    57 Lancaster Ave, Malvern, PA 19355

  • How much does it cost?

    Annual Pass holders have 1 free admission to YCS per year to use.  If you are an Annual Pass holder, your ticket is already reserved.  See you at check-in!

    Additionally, Advanced Club Team (ACT) climbers are reminded that YCS fees are included with the cost of class.  If you are an ACT climber, your ticket is already reserved.  See you at check-in!

    All other climbers, please register via the button found above.

    Pre-registration cost: $30
    Day-of* Registration cost: $35

    *Day-of sign ups will be accepted based on capacity.

  • Do We Need to Bring Our Own Equipment?

    No. Equipment rentals are included in the cost of YCS.

  • Can My Child Bring a Friend?

    Because climbing involves the practice of specific safety procedures, YCS is a closed event open only to former or current PRG Youth Program participants (Kinder Climb, Kids Climb, Home School, Advanced Kids Climb, Club Team and Advanced Club Team).

    Spectators are limited to one per climber and one spectator pass is included with each climber registration.  Email to request additional spectator passes.

  • Are Parents Required to Stay for the Event?

    Parents are not required to stay during the event.  Parents dropping off are expected to pick up their child by 4:30 PM.

    Parents who opt to stay may watch the event but tables and chairs will be set up in a small space away from the main event for some peace, quiet, distance and Wifi.

  • Is This A Competition?

    YCS offers two formats for climbers to choose from.  The “Bingo” format is a completion based event (not necessarily competition based).  Climbers are rewarded based on how much they do or how much they complete in the allotted time given rather than being ranked against other participants.

    The other format is a “Redpoint” format which is designed to encourage climbers to earn the highest score they can during the allotted time given.  Climbers are then ranked in their own category by score.  This is a great option for experienced or advanced climbers.

    Regardless of which format your child chooses, YCS is designed to help your child track his/her goals and accomplishments throughout the event and learn basic competition strategy simply by participating.  The beauty of a YCS event is that it can be treated as competitively or as recreationally as desired.  For climbers pursuing Team PRG and want to participate in PRG’s Burn Series, this is a great first step.

  • Will Coaches Be at the Event to Help My Child?

    Absolutely.  PRG coaches will be in attendance to help run the stations, regulate and monitor climbing, perform safety checks, offer guidance and reward climbers for their achievements.

  • What is the BINGO Format and How Does It Work?

    The Bingo Format is truly a “choose your own adventure” style format that focuses on completion rather than competition.  It’s a unique and fun way for climbers to track their own progress and show case what they have learned to friends and family.  And of course, it’s another great way to get into the gym and CLIMB!

    Who: Kinder Climb, Kids Climb, Advanced Kids Climb (AKC) and Club Team are all welcome to participate in the Bingo Format.

    Objective: Move about the gym at your own pace to complete as many climbing tasks as you can on your game card.  Receive prizes for achieving BINGO 13 different ways!  Climbers also have the opportunity to test up in the belt levels using the bingo format if they choose to do so.

  • What is the Redpoint Format and How Does It Work?

    Similar to the format used in our Burn Series competitions and other local bouldering competitions, the Red-point Format encourages climbers to earn the highest score they can during the allotted time given.  For advanced climbers, it is a great way for climbers to put their on-sight ability to the test and track their own progress thus far in the season.  The red-point format allows climbers to move about the gym at their own pace and try climbs as many times as they please.

    Who: Required for Advanced Club Team climbers.  However, all are welcome to participate in the Red-point Format.

    Competitors will be divided up into categories accordingly and will compete against other climbers in his/her categories:

    Male, ages 11 & under
    Female, ages 11 & under
    Male, ages 12-13
    Female, ages 12-13
    Male, ages 14-15
    Female, ages 14-15

    Objective: Earn the highest score you can by sending* 3 boulder problems and 2 top rope routes.  Each climb will have a point value assigned to it.  Sending the climb is required in order to earn the point value of the climb and have it added to your scorecard.  Climbers may try climbs as many times as they please and are welcome to climb more than 3 boulder problems and 2 top ropes, in fact, climbing more than 5 climbs is strongly encouraged!  Once the climbing portion of the event has concluded, the highest 3 bouldering scores earned and the highest 2 top rope scores earned will be added together for the climber’s final score.  Prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. placing competitors.

  • What is the COVID Response Plan for this Event?

    The goal of our response efforts is to help slow the spread of COVID-19.
    Mitigation efforts begin at home for both climbers and staff. Those who are particularly at a higher risk for complications from COVID-19 or live with high-risk individuals should consult their doctor prior to attending this event.

    A summary of our efforts can be described as:
    1. Screen for potential risk before and upon entry
    2. Promote heathy hygiene practices
    3. Intensify cleaning & sanitizing practices
    4. Ensure physical distancing, where feasible
    5. Wear masks while in the building

    Climbers and staff are asked to stay home if they not feel well or someone in the household is not feeling well.

    There will be two check-in points so as to allow for better physical distancing and ease traffic flow.

    There will be two Kick Off Meeting locations at 1:15 PM prior to the climbing period so as to allow for better physical distancing.

    Climbers, guests and staff wear a mask at all times while in the facility.

    There will be multiple climbing stations to allow for better physical distancing and to ease traffic flow.

    Only one spectator per climber, please.

    PRG is currently operating at 75% capacity as per the April 4th mandate.

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